Established in 1974, Natural Graphics is a true rarity: we are both a marketing/design firm staffed by professional graphic designers, and a custom sign manufacturer with our own craftsmen and full production facility with installation services. From concept to creation, we offer our clients the ease of dealing with a single source and the unequaled value and quality that comes with seeing each project through from start to finish.
Creativity is built-in
For over three decades, we have specialized in providing marketing and advertising to multifamily communities and creating signage that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. As a result, we are now industry leaders in this area. Whether it’s working on multifamily communities that may be garden style and suburban or mid and high rise developments that may be urban, mixed use; for sale or rental, we build in creativity with award winning design backed by quality construction and attentive service.
A Collaborative Process
From the development of logos, advertising, brochures and websites, to the design and production of custom architectural and environmental signage, we ensure design cohesiveness by working together with our development and management clients as well as other design team members including architects, landscape architects, and interior designers. This process begins with the first client meeting to determine the target market and to establish a unique identity for the community or project at hand. Then, it continues through logo creation, advertising, brochure, websites and sign development to assure the graphics package harmonizes with the architecture and projects the desired image.
Beauty. Ingenuity. Functionality.
In signage, we specialize in etched and carved signage, generally made of stone such as granite, marble, slate and limestone as well as wood, polyurethane and other specialty materials such as aluminum, acrylic, ceramic tile, glass, composite solid surface material and more. We continue to offer fabrication and full installation services, in house. Having recently expanded our staff, production facilities and equipment these capabilities have been further enhanced.
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